Have your ever wondered what is inside aero hangars!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015 ·

HIET Aviation College has a well equipped training hangar, occupies 9000 Sq. ft area.  It has all the features of an airline hangar, so that students are given knowledge above the standard and various requirements to be made for an aircraft servicing hangar.  We can accommodate 06 Cessna 152 / 172 aircraft inside the hangar.  It has got the following facilities:

1.  Battery Charging Room
2.  Tube Bending room
3.  Low Speed Wind Tunnel
4.  04 Gas Turbine Engine ( two tube fan engine, one Turbo-jet Engine and one Turbo Shaft Engine)
5.  14 Cylinder Radial Engines
6.  One Dornier Aircraft
7.  One Cessna 152 Aircraft
8.  One Robinson Helicopter

In addition it is equipped with various sign board.

Do’s  and Don’s   

Safety precautions.



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